Beautiful One

Did you know you’re beautiful?  Absolutely stunning.  Put your self worth in line with how God sees you, and it will change your days.  No one can do you like you can!  Each person has their own beautiful purpose in the world.  Like parts of a body, you are part of the body of Christ with your own function in the big picture of life (1 Corinthians 12:12-37)!  Don’t waste any more days trying to be like someone else, or putting yourself down.  Only you can do what God has for you, and you’re so very beautiful right now!



Beautifully Embellished

Add some bling to your bottom half!  I’ve been seeing embellished shoes all over the place, and I’m loving them. Enjoy!

Steve Madden Pomona- $79.95Golden Goose Superstar Sneaker- $1,595 Joie Lafayette Embellished Heel- $378Joie Darena Sneakers- $258

Wear them with:

Vintage Hi-Rise Skinny Jeans > $39.90V-Neck Tee Pack of 3 > $135Late Night Gown > $198Striped Cardigan Sweater > $128Levi 501 Short > $60Wide striped Shirt > $55J.O.A. Paperbag Pants > $82Zara Pleated Dress in Mustard > $35.90

The Good Word

We are all waiting for God on something, aren’t we?  This verse is so encouraging for me during ‘the wait’.  While it may seem you have been forgotten, or that your dreams may never come to pass, remember this verse.  Every single day of your life has been planned, it is not random.  A majority of your time may seem to be ‘waiting’, so find joy in each day and know God has NOT abandoned you.   As a matter of fact, He has big plans for you in His perfect time!


Pick of the Day!

Hi there!  This dress is just precious.  Sparkle when you enter the room, without being too much.  Plus I just love the shape and back cut-out!  Get a good dose of adorable by watching it on live video at ASOS!  What a great feature to see how a garment moves.  It has definitely helped me decide what to purchase!  Click the photo to view more images and video!


The Good Word

Sometimes daily life may seem mundane, like there’s nothing special to it.  With this verse, God reminded me every single person has a purpose, every day!  The Word has a great way of changing my attitude and bringing me more in line with the way God thinks.  It fills me with hope and reminds me; You’re special!  You’re chosen!  Every day of your life has purpose!  XO

Colossians 1,5

Pick of the Day

Hello!  I hope you’re doing AMAZING!  I love clothing that is a little different, and this fun Sen Whistler Sweater fits the bill!  I like the soft pink hue and the unique cutouts of this top.  It would be adorable with white jeans!  Click the picture for details.


Beach Ready!

Cool weather has me dreaming about the beach.  Check out what items I’d take with me!
To the Beach!

Cult Gaia Earrings- $100Supergoop SPF 50 Sunscreen- $19Tkees Sandals- $68JADEtribe Bag- $198ASOS Headband- $9.50 (similar here),  The Beach People Towel- $79KOA Reversible Bikini Top- $79KOA Reversible Bikini Bottom-  $79.