Thinking of the prettiest place you know.

Toasting good news or a good person.

Spotting something beautiful.

I can’t get enough of The Tiny Book of Tiny Pleasures.  God LOVES to see us smile!  You can get one or gift one at Anthropologie.  You’ll smile all the way through it!  And maybe mark some off along the way….



Anthro is a great source to me, for fun and interesting books!  Here are more to choose from.


Have you come across The Light Blonde yet?  Vintage, truthful, and delightful, I just love seeing the new designs as they come in!  I want so many of them!  Here are a few of my favorites;


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ASOS.COM is a fun site for me to browse.  One of my favorite features (aside from the unique styles) is that you can see a video of a model wearing each item!  I love that!  Watching it flow can really help me decide if it’s a yay or nay!  These caught my eye…


Keep a look out for new arrivals each day, here.